Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Holiday Trip Report (One)

Because of work I had been treating my own body like a rented car for the pass six month, so I decided to give myself one week break, a nice one. Where do I go for the pass one week?
I went to someplace hot, I went to Egypt to visit the Pyramid :P
I pack some clothes, camera memory cards, credit card, sport shoes, book my air tickets and off I go.

I used Air Asia to fly. I heard the stewardess is not as pretty as MAS airline, so this I have to check out myself.

After a few hours of flying, I finally reached my destination. The Pyramid, the weather is hot.

There is nothing to eat at the desert, after few house of walking I found an oasis. There are huge banana, and some other tropical fruits.

After the fruits, I continue with my journey and found this very beautiful palace in the middle of the desert.
I will post up more photos in next post, so compare MAS stewardess and Air Asia’s., Air Asia........I like them all


Desmond said...

Oh boy i can't wait one!

JinG said...

I think AIR ASIA's stewardess is prettier man!What have u find out then?so . . . where is my souvenirSsss????

13th Panda said...

Its SUNWAY pyramid!

Got bring back souvenirs not?:-p

Wilson said...

I plan to cut the lion head down bring back to Kuchig as Souvenir, but it was too big. :P

Kristopher said...

nice pic of the sunway pyramid... :) look so real... i mean the one from egypt just that the satelite dish give it away....

Pink Cotton said...


noti wilson hor!?!?

apa pyramid pulak...ming2 ur air asia print screen is showing tickets to kl mar...kekekeek..

i tot u transit at kl to go egypt

*slap head*

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilson.
Can you post some coverage on this year Kuching Fest? Ease my home sickness :)

Wilson said...

kris -
ya, good idea ho, should PS the satelite away.

pink cotton -
haha, i should edit the airasia to egypt ler.

anonymous -
sure, i'll be going there tonight :)

Anonymous said...

hi wilson, i m bored in australia, so come n visit ur blog again,hihihi, seem like u went 2 kl n sunway, i miss sunway alot, i was sunway college student, hehe, the food at ming tian quite nice rite, there is quite alot of dessert, did u try.. the fried oyster also not bad.. they are building sunway pyramid 2 now