Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Holiday Trip Report (Two)

Part One is here

I had check in at Sunway Tower, the room rate is RM220 per night with breakfast. Actually I was going to stay somewhere near the city hub, but that night I need to meet up with a friend and he live near to Sunway.

After I check into my room I bath, rest, and sleep. The next morning, when I woke up it was almost 1pm, there goes my free breakfast. My appointment is tonight so I still have plenty of free time. I wanted to go to the water world at Sunway where all the sexy girls in bikini were. Just imagine lying under the palm tree, drinking orange juice and enjoying the “nice view”. Just when I was about to go, I saw one of my Kuching friend. The world is too small, we chat and he told me that there will be a function tonight, and would like me to join. At first I was little bit lazy, but when he told me that there will be a lot of “nice view” hm~~I think I will probably go. But it requires formal wear, and I left all my formal clothes at Kuching, under his persuasion the both of us went to shopping at Sunway Pyramid. I bough a new long white sleeve clothes, and my friend will borrow me his spare tie. We spend the whole evening at Sunway Pyramid, until I forgot to go swimming.

That night the function start at 8pm, it was some kind of convention for a company. It was a very grand convention; it has a mini fashion show, a mini magic show, dancing singing and etc, as they had also invited lots of well known people. I had shoot a lots of photos as well. One thing that needs to be improve on is that they should provided dinner. At the end of the convention, I had the change to take a group photo with all the MC, and yes I had pick my favorite one to take photo with ;) after the photos, I thank them all and went back to my room. When I was in the elevator while browsing the photos that I’ve shoot, I just notice I had done something very wrong, and should not be forgotten and this is a mistake that I will remember forever. What did I do? Well, I didn’t ask for her Name, Phone No, or e-mail. STUPID, STUPID!!! *bang my head on the wall*

After depart from airport, I took a bus and came to Sunway Pyramid.

Where is the 13th floor?

The convention was awesome, a lot of entertainment show had been arrange. And I really enjoy myself that night

Me with the angels, my favorite is the one standing on my left. But very sayang that I forgot to asked for her number, she has a very pretty smile, and I almost melt when she smile at me. So guys please don’t repeat the mistake that I made.

After the convention, I just remember that I need to meet up with my friend. I hurry rush back to my room, get change, call up my friend and meet up with them.
Tomorrow I will be going to some place cold, bye bye pretty angles.
--- to be continue ---


cooknengr said...

Kid, damned, all deck out. I bet she's looking for you too, just look at her posture, she's got the hots for ya.

Walter G said...

Hi Wil,

Good to see u in KL. Seems u r quite busy lately. Have a good time in KL and watch out ur diet too.

13th Panda said...

I tink the 1st one to ur right is prettiest..:-p

P/s : I'm not les

Anonymous said...

i also think tat the first one to ur right is the prettiest....hehehe...any idea how to get her email or messenger add? bbt

Frank said...

the 3rd at the to the aunty one.. is my pick=) aiyo i wish i can go too..

Red Sponge said...

Both 1st and 3rd on the right are pretty! You really have very 'nice view'!

Wilson said...

eddie -
Tai Ko, dont worry. from I will not repeat the same mistake twise :)

walter g -
Thanks bro, ya been really busy this lately. So i give myself a break, after the break is full swing again.

13th panda -
hm~~can consider oh.

bbt -
u not available, dont be greedy.

frank -
ya bro, next time we go kaoloi together eh!!!

red sponge -
yeah, that's y i like 'nice view'

Irene said...

No 4th floor too!
On the left? On the left??!?!?! Pengsan...

Irene said...

Ooo... Paiseh :P it's ur left not the one on the left in the photo.