Sunday, March 07, 2010

Short Story from Bishopgate Street

This is a street which stored many historical stories of the Kuching city, to catch up with the new generation a lot shop houses had renovate to keep up with time, but though most of the shop lots has been modernize there are few still keeps its original design and structure.

I had my lunch at the food court opposite the Hiang Thian Siang Ti (Deity of the North) Temple, and my cousin are very satisfy with the price of the food, and not to mention the portion of the kolo noodles. He said compare to Singapore this is food from heaven, is cheap, and is delicious.

The food courts offer drinks, noodles, and tofu with meat. I’m not sure whether they are a family but I do know that they had been working together for more than 10 years. There is one female who gave me a deep impression since the first day I ate here few years ago, she’s in her mid 40 as she had sore all over her head. She’s very hardworking and works at the drinking stall.

There is a Chinese opera theater just inside this food court, and it looks new. A restoration work had been carried out for this theater to make sure that it can grow together with the cities for years to come.

After our lunch, we move on to cruise around this historical street. I’ve been drive pass this street for many times, but to walk and enjoy the view maybe the first time. So it’s really surprise me on what you can gain when you stop the rushing life for a while and start to enjoy the view.

My cousin brings me to an old lane which has a very famous shoe maker, there is no brand on his shoes, and one pair maybe will cost around RM200 + or more. According to my brother what is so special about him is that every pair of shoes is purely 100% handmade. You can stay there to watch the process on how he made shoes from the beginning to end. Tailor made to fir your foot, so guaranty comfortable. He uses 100% pure leather so I guess each shoe he sold, the customer will probably only come back for another 3 or 5 years.

Beside the shoe maker’s shop is an old shop, it didn’t use any grill but is wooden gate door. Some of the wood had been attack by termites. We are attracted by a bicycle in front of the shop. It reminds me of my grandpa as he also had one and he will always ride his iron horse to the coffee shop to drink coffee every morning.

We start to take photo of the old bicycle, and an old lady came along. She smile at us, and told us that this is more than 100 years old. The bicycle had a trademark, I can’t see clearly what it is, but the lady said is 3 guns, and this is imported from UK last time. The bicycle belongs to her late husband, and after her husband passed away, it had left there ever since. There are people who intend to buy it from her, but she refuse to sell it.

Old shop, 100 years old bicycle, and an old lady, there must be hundreds of stories happen between her and her husband. I wish she will stay healthy and happy always. And also hope that the heritage along this street can be keep untouched in another hundred years to come. If destroy, this will be a huge lost to the history of the old Kuching Town.


Anonymous said...

You're a great story teller. I really enjoy your video clip; very descriptive, tell it like it's in perfect pace and beautiful voice.

I could actually picture the old woman, the old push bike, the shop simply listening through your narrative; now that's a talent and success.

I hope you'll find some wonderful future in broadcasting or some sort of storytelling which I think you do enjoy.

Thank you!


Wilson said...


Thanks :) glad you like it. I wanted to do this is because of my youtube acc been hacked.

I dont want to waste it, so I will upload a lot of my video in the future.