Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Battery Street, India Street Pedestrian Mall

Continue from Bishopgate..


lamppostAfter we had enough photos at The Bishipgate, then my cousin and I went to the India street. My cousin told me that he wanted to revisit the Battery Street. Commonsense told me that it is name after a battery, so no double that the street sells a lot of batteries. You guess so too?

Well we’re all wrong! As my cousin told me that this is the street where the all the first lamppost are, and this street is the first street to have electricity. (scratch my head) this is not connected right, the street name and the background history. After that I did a search on the net, try to add in more details, but found zero result on the Battery Street at Kuching. And plus my cousin he was a tourist guide, so I believe what he says.

What attract me the most are the building structures, as some of it still maintaining that British building concept, all the lampposts are still in use until today. This is a very windy lane as the end of the street is an open road, so geographically when the wind blows in this little lane, it will flow through the entire lane.

Battery Street is just behind the current police station, this little lane has not more that 20 shoplots. The business operates here are like tailor shop, café, trading company, fashion house, goldsmith shop, mobile phone, and an advocates firm. There are new building coming soon behind this little lane, and I double the government will preserve the building structure here, and is only a matter of time for them to tear this place down and build another new building here.

I might as well take as much photos as I can for memories, after a few year its fate will be just like that old Gambir Street :(


cooknengr said...

Hey kid, I believe Battery street is also called 棺材巷, back in my days, there were a few 棺材 shop in this area. What you thought was 涼風吹來 was actually 陰風陣陣.

I like you Youtube clip, really miss the 古晉人的華語, don't forget to add a few " Ngai Tee" in the future.

Wilson Chin said...

Taiko, I know that somewhere near the Bishopgate there are also few shop sells coffin back in the old days.

thanks, I'll post more in the future.

Anonymous said...

hi, just come across your blog and actually that lane is known as Kai Joo Lane instead of Battery Lane .. and previously also known as Coffin Lane coz there are a few shops that sells coffin but now it has turn into coffee shops, tailors and commercial and the famous sio bau too ..

Wilson Chin said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for the valuable information, cause I remember before I wrote this post, I've tried search for relevant information all over the web, however it returns with 0 results.

oh, I'm planning to go back to try the sio bau.

Are you from Kuching?