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Visitation to Kampung Dunuk @ Padawan, Kuching Sarawak

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During Christmas Day I was with my friends form the LifeCareSociety, and pay a visit to Mr Pat. My last visit was at last year 30th October 2008.

( The mountain road to Kampung Dunuk, where Mr Pat stay. Is a long way from Kuching Town )

I calculated the road of Jalan Borneo Height is about 24.7KM from the Padawan township. Padawan is a sub-district of Kuching, Malaysia. We called it 10th Mile, and it also used to refer for local council in Sarawak Padawan Municipal Council (Majlis Perbandaran Padawan) and one of Bidayuh village also known as Kampung Padawan. The Jalan Padawan also available which is the road near Mile 23th Kuching-Serian Highway. In my previous post where I visited the Kampung Mundai that’s the road which can link from Tapah Village, by pass Borneo Highland, to Padawan towship.

It was a long journey, we start out journey at around 12:00 noon from the Padawan Township. We drop in to an Omni shop to buy some food for Mr Pat and his family as Christmas Gift. It took us about 45 minutes to finish the Borneo Height Highway, we drive pass a place called Lorong Bunuk, and there’s a church here (St.Paul Church), then drive pass the Ana Rais Hot Spring, and Borneo Highland Resort.

At the end of Borneo Height Highway, we are at the T-Junction and here I saw a road sign displaying Left to Kuching Serian, and right to Tebedu, then we have to take a right turn at Route 1338 (12:45pm), it was a bumpy ride it was a mud and rock road.

The Sarawak/Indonesia border are near so there are mountains along the road. Some of the plantations that can be found here include bamboo, pepper trees, coconut, banana, dragon fruits. As we drive deeper into the countryside, there are not much houses. The Clouds cover the mountain top, is like a dash of snow cover the mount top.

We drive pass a place called Lorong Bukit Nanas, where I saw another church at top of a small mount the time then was around 1:10pm. There are electric pole, which mean that all the villages can have electric supply.

The time was 2.25pm, my butt feels numb, I saw we’re driving pass a palm plantation estate. Then I was told that we have reached our destination. There is a sign board at the village entrance “Pelaman Sinuduk”, and this is the Dunuk Village where Mr Pat lives. The facilities details can be found in my previous post here.

( The river in the village, they have water supply, and for water they use stream water. The river plays an important role, the people here use the water for drinking, bath, washes clothes, and they also threw a lot of durians into the river. This is a very danger act, as it will slowly pollute the water here, not a good move. )

When I step in Mr Pat’s house, there are a few improvement compare to my last visit. He now has a proper toilet, and bathroom, and also a new washing machine. While the rest still maintain the same. Mr Pat and his eldest daughter had this Renal Disease, and now his son also has this problem. So the 3 of them have go for Peritoneal Dialysis, and believe me guys this is not fun at all. (watch how this is done below)

( This is Arnold (right) and his brother. Arnold had been undergo a brain surgery years back cause of brain tumor, after the surgery he lost his view. He now live in the dark. There is a toy phone hanging on his neck, and is his favorite toy, cause he can listen to the music from that toy. )

We stay at his place from 1.23pm to 2.20pm, and is time to go home. Mr Pat had given my fiends some durian to take home. This family is truly unfortunate, his children one with brain cancer, himself and 3 kids with kidney problem. Wishes he and his family can be happy, and all his kids will be able to live a normal life. God bless them all.

( A pretty little village girl playing at a self-made swing with her friends. In this village, children are able to go to school, and there are also a small library setup by the Padawan Municipal Council. In a competitive world, knowledge will be their ticket for a better tomorrow. )
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