Sunday, May 05, 2013

Labour Day at Jangkar Waterfall, Sematan, Sarawak, Borneo.

It was Labor day, went to the Jangkar waterfall again with my friends. She's still very attractive and pretty.

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Coffee Girl said...


So where's a pic of your very attractive and pretty friend? :-)

Wilson Chin said...

:) nehhhhh.... di sana

Anonymous said...

is there any entrance fee to this place.? If any how much per person?We're planning to get there this year..thanks..

Wilson Chin said...

When you park your car there, they will charge RM10 per car. Then you need to hire a guide to bring you guys over (40 mins), and is RM10 per person.

Anonymous said...

oh..thanks Wilson. That really helps.

moeito said...

my friends and i plan to go to hike the Jangkar Waterfall this coming weekend, i heard that needs some guiders or people to lead us to the waterfall. so its RM10 per person. but who should we look for?

Wilson Chin said...

hi, so after you reach there. The you can ask any of the village people on how to go to the jangkar waterfall. and they will then assign a person to follow u guys there. is around 45 mins walking time to the waterfall, hope you guys enjoy there. cheers.

Naina said...

Nice Photo shot. I would love to visit this place in future.Thanks for sharing.