Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Your Guide to Getting Epic in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa, Cyprus, one of the hottest clubbing destinations in the world, and everyone’s invited. Yeah, this is no exclusive list - this ain’t Elton John’s Oscars party. Get online, have a browse through the Club 18-30 Ayia Napa getaways (http://www.club18-30.com/ayia-napa-cyprus) and pick out a package that’s right up you and your mate’s avenue.

Summers in Ayia Napa are mega hot. To personify the heats and the beautiful blue flag beaches, you’re looking at a monster mash up of Megan Fox, Mila Kunis and none other than Jessica Rabbit her very fine self. With guaranteed sunshine, and no COD MW4 to distract (yeah, not long off now lads!), your summer session with Club 18-30 is bound to be bang tidy.
So what you looking at?

Well, basically, non-stop party rocking. Booking with Club 18-30 will ensure that you have experts on hand to let you in on all the local secrets. These guys know the score, and will add some unforgettable extras to your package, which includes themed events, free bars, pool parties photos and the all-important Ayia Napa wristband.

Those themed events, be sure to embrace them, grab them by the balloons and run with them like Gump. You need this in your life. Silent arenas, glow parties, geek chic mayhem, Naparazzi and the absolutely infamous Linekers Boat Party and after party.

During the day, check in with your rep, but choose from two waterparks, a shed-load of stunning shorelines, watersports and pool parties. Chill when you can, because when you can’t it’s going to be pure clubbing carnage.
The bars are waiting boys, get on it. Like an actual car bonnet. You need to make this happen. Look online at Club 18-30 (http://www.club18-30.com/ayia-napa-cyprus) for the best deals on low cost Ayia Napa clubbing holidays for you and your chums.

Guess Post By: Katerina Crowder

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