Thursday, August 16, 2012

Batu Kawa old town, Lundu, Sematan, and Jangkar waterfall

This is a trip to remember, that morning Me, Chan, Alex, and Tommy the 4 of us went to the western part of Kuching. The Lundu, the Sematan, and Jangkar Waterfall.

2012-08-12 11.55.04wtmk

We start our journey at the old Batu Kawa town, there we ate the famous Batu Kawa meat balls. Most of the Kuching people are familiar with the meat balls here. One thing that we found out is that the meat balls are getting lesser : p
Our country inflation, the meat balls also inflation now... lols.

Then, we have an hour drive to the Lundu town. The town is near to the sea, there is a river which connect to the sea. The water current flows fast, and it was high tide that day. We visited the newly build Retreat resort on Siar beach. I been here few years ago, it was still call Siar Beach. I called the Retreat office before to ask for the prices, but was annoyed by a very unfriendly lady.

There is also a national park call the Gunung Gading where you can see the famous world's largest flower the Rafflesia Flower.

After that, we drove another 40 min to the Sematan town. The town is close to the beat, a lot jetty can been seen upon entering the town. We stop in one of the coffee shop to have something to eat. Also visited one of the resort there called the Palm Beach resort.

The last place that we visit is the Jangkar Waterfall, this is so far the highest waterfall that I have ever seen in my life. And is situated at the Biawak Village, biawak means monitor lizzard is a Malay word.

When we reach the village, this time they are asking for money. Money to park our car on their place, and money for them to bring us to the waterfall. This is like force, we gave them what they want, because this is their territory. Is a 30 - 40 minutes walk from the village to the waterfall. Is a long journey, but the reward is good.
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The time is almost 4.30pm, it will take us 30 minutes to walk to the village, and another 1 1/2 hours to reach Kuching. In the end, after some beers and chat with the guide, we become good friends, and the first agreement if to pay RM60 for the 4 of us, in the end I paid RM40, plus RM10 tip him.

Hope you like my video, enjoy.


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Admin said...

Nice scenery and some look familiar ;)

Wilson Chin said...

haha, rook next time join me for adventure ;)

Hot Girl said...

Wow...Nice :)

Anonymous said...

How is the road condition to the village?

Wilson Chin said...

The road condition when driving in Biawak village mud and rocky roads, with thick dust everywhere. Need to drive slowly when your in there.