Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lundu Retreat Resort Training Center and the Pandan Beach with Wilson Chin and Friends

My brother was at Kuching for a business trip, and he invited me to go with his friends on a weekend gateway at the Retreat Resort situated at Lundu. So drive from Kuching to Lundu its around 1 hour, a total of 80km.

I like going on a road trip, especially with your buddies. We started our journey at around 9am, I lead them to the Batu Kawa old town for breakfast, and we had the famous meatballs noodles.

The name "Lundu" itself is taken from a small catfish that abounds in the Sungai Lundu which flows down from Gunung Gading (Gunung Gading National Park - Home to the Rafflesia). Back in the 90s when come to Lundu and Sematan, there are no bridge to cross over to the Lundu soil, we can only use a ferry to cross over.

Left of to Sematan which is another 30 minutes, and turn right is to Lundu, and that is where we are going. My car has a lot of smoke when I accelerate, I wonder what happen. I need to check my car later when I'm free. It seldom go for long distant drive like this, and I'm worry about her. 

This is the place that we stayed, the Retreat & Training Center Resort. And next to this resort is the Old Siar Beach resort. I've been to the place years ago, and its was really old. Just a normal home stay beach house, with very simple facilities. Whereas this Retreat is a brand new resort which only starts operation this few years. 

Our check in time is at 2pm, so we just sit under the tree shade and enjoy the sea view. It was a hot day, and I'm glad that it didn't rain, cause it is the monsoon season already, and at Kuching now almost rain everyday.

While we still have time, my brother starts to do funny thing. Like playing football with the kids, he said that he can beat them with two against one. So did he win? He started to kick and chase the ball, and after 5 minutes he came back to the shade again, and told me that he's tired, and need his beer O_o" I knew it...

The Retreat beach looks very calm, no wave at all. I worry that later when the water rise, the jelly fish will come to the shore too, I'm scare of jelly fish. 


The Pandan Beach at Lundu 

While waiting for our room, we decided to go further up, to the public beach called Pandan Beach, I came here before with my friend, click here to read. We need to get something to eat there, and personally I think that the scenery are better than the Retreat resort, cause this beach have huge wave here.

And there are also people surfing, and this is something new in Kuching :) 
Next time maybe I can join them to learn how to surf too.

Gunung Gading National Park - The home to rafflesia flower)

For dinner, we went to a place called Feng Ling seafod restaurant. A small home style restaurant in near the Gunung Gading national park, read my previous visit here.

But although its small, and the cooking is fabulous, and the price are very reasonable too. Remember to try the fried noodles if you happen to drop by here. 

I had a fun time with my brother and his friends here at the Retreat resort. Got bitten by sand-flies, and a bit of sunburn. I plan to come to the Gunung Gading national park again to witness the biggest flower in the world, the Rafflesia.


cooknengr said...

Hey Kid, if it is blueish smoke, your car's pistons rings are you accelerate, oil pressure builds up and leak into the piston, and burnt up. Just drive slow you'll be fine.

Wilson Chin said...

Taiko, thanks for the info.