Monday, September 05, 2011

The Pandan Beach @ Lundu, Kuching

Last week the Raya and the Independence day falls in the same day, had a few days off. So I went to the Pandan beach with my fiends, and also for Raya visiting (yumm yum, I finally get to eat the satay).


The top photographer Wilson Chin (me), this is the grocery shop just right next to the beach.



This is a public beach, so there are a lot of people came here to spend their holiday. My parent use to bring us to the beach when I'm little, miss the old days.


My friends :)



The water are very salty, and I can't really open my eyes when swimming :S


Coffee Girl said...

Nice pic, the first one. :-) Havent been to Pandan in 5 years already. It looks cleaner than before.

Wilson Chin said...

That's the first time I visit Pandan beach, so before this is like seah beach, palm beach, ocean resort....

the wave is not big enough, I'll be going to Damai next month, so I hope the wave will be bigger, and stronger there.

Coffee Girl said...

why do u need bigger waves? ur planning to surf kah? lol.

Wilson Chin said...

is fun to let the wave hit you, and suck you away from the shore. then u swim back...

hmm~~never think of surfing before, yeah, I might try that if have chance. hehe.