Saturday, June 20, 2015

Golden Beach, Telaga Air Village with Wilson Chin

This is the Telaga Air, the Sibu river flows into the South China Sea. It was a hot Saturday, and I'm here to get the contact details on how to get to the Sampadi Island.
This is the Golden Beach, its situated It is located approximately 10 minutes drive away from the Telaga Air fishermen village, and about 35 minutes away drive from Kuching City

The Satang Island can be view from the beach, I went to the Satang island before. Always plan to go back there agian, maybe a camping trip to the island.

A nice place for picnic, or camping.
The water mix with some mud, not very clean. A construction company plans to develop this place, to build villas here and sell to the public. It will be good to be able to own a house near the beach, just that this place is too far away from Kuching city. 

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