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Tanjung Datu, Borneo Sarawak. Post 2 of 2

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Day two at Tanjung Datu 

Tanjung Datu may be the smallest of Sarawak’s National Parks, at just under 14 sq km, but it is also one of the most beautiful.

Along the coast line, there are a few sea turtle trails, they dug holes to lay their eggs. The park are running the Turtle Project all year long, and the rangers will collect the egg, record it down, and put in here to make sure that the eggs are safe. After the hatching are born, they will release it back to the sea.

The Kuching Adventure Team, on day two we are going to the Pasir Antu Laut Trail a 2.7KM passes parallel to the beach and through foreshore vegetation, to Tanjung Antu Laut, a picturesque beach where a clear freshwater streams flow around big polished granite boulders into the ocean. The trail then turns inland, and back through mixed dipterocarp forest, crossing several small creeks and ending back at park HQ.

After I reached the beach, was impress on how clean the water is here. Its cleaner than the one we saw at the park HQ.

The sea water are too attractive, and I just take off my shoes and deep my foot in the water.

4 baby sharks swim around the coast, so I'm trying my luck to take their picture, but can't get a good one. If I bring my polarize filter lens I will be able to take clear shoot of the baby shark.

This is the park HQ in the Talang Besar island, as this is a restricted area specially for authorize person only. This island is specially for sea turtle to go lay eggs.

Sea turtle swiming slowly to the Talang Talang Besar Island to lay egg, good luck turtle, wishing you all the best!!!

The Talang Talang Besar Island, this is a national park. But its a restricted area, and its mainly for sea turtle to come here to lay eggs. What the forestry did is good, this can prevent people to come and steal the eggs, and endanger the sea turtle population.

This is the Talang Talang Kecil island, just opposite the Talang Besar island. I heard its also a restricted area, and reserve for sea turtle to lay their eggs.

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Tanjung Datu Exploration, post 2 of 2

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