Monday, December 05, 2016

Tanjung Rhu Bako National Park Exploration 巴哥国家公园,禺海角风景,砂劳越婆罗洲

Some of the famous cliff view that I know
  1. White Cliffs of Dover, part of the English coastline facing the Strait of Dover and France.
  2. Beachy Head, chalk headland in East Sussex, England.
  3. Bunda cliffs, at the Eucla Basin that spreads from the western part of South Australia
  4. Uluwatu Temple, perched on top of a steep cliff at Bali
and now in Kuching we have..
Tanjung Rhu, Bako National park
My team and I camp there for one night, when we just reach the place, there is this wow factor. As we can't believe in our own homeland Kuching have such beautiful place. Such breath taking views of the cliff, and the scenery on the edge of the cliff are magnificient.

  1. 位于多英国海岸线及多佛和法国海峡佛白色峭壁
  2. 英国在东萨塞克斯郡,白垩陆岬的海滨头
  3. 南澳大利亚西部的尤克啦盆地
  4. 巴里岛的乌鲁瓦图寺坐落在一座漂亮的悬崖边

This Tanjung Rhu, a small penisular on the cost of the beach near Teluk Pandan Besar. A small headland can be view just not far from the rocky beach.
这是一个小半岛的海岸,最接近的海边叫 TELUK PANDAN BESAR (大斑斓海湾),还这个石海湾对面还有一座小小岛,如果退潮相信应该可以步行到岛上。
We can enjoyed non stop sea breeze here, my hammock its at the trees there, can you see it?
One of the problem here, is that there is no river for us to get fresh water. So if you plan to visit this place, make sure to bring enugh fresh water for drink, and bath.
This little rest house had turn into a camp for my team to sleep that night.
Look at the cliff, its pretty scary to stand at the edge 😓
such a beautiful scenery, my homeland is awesom!!! 
Both of my friends are enjoying the view as well. You can imagin the scale of the whole place.
That night, my friends are cooked dinner with firewood that we collect nearby. And the yellowist watrer in the bottle are the fresh water that we collect on our way here.
We all just lye on the cliff surface, and look up to the starts and moon.

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