Monday, December 12, 2016

Borneo Highland Penrissen Summit Exploration 婆罗洲高原朋里逊峰登山之旅

One of the most prominent highland in Sarawak is the Borneo Highland, its famous for its close to nature resort, the beautiful Indonesia border view point, the Penrissen Mount Summit trail, the misterious Batu Panggah, and its beautiful landscaping near the resort.
This place also has a few magnificient waterfall, like this Simangas waterfall which can be seen on the way up to the highland resort.
The Kalimantan viewpoint 
The different between a millipede and a centipedes is that millipedes have paired legs, while centipedes don't. For this picture, can you tell its a centipede or millipede?
Wild orchid on our way to the Penrissen Summit.
Found this gorgeos orchid at the steep cliff, its very danger to go over and take a close up picture, I've already zoom to the max with my SLR and this is what I get.
The Border stone between Sarawak and Kalimantan
This place are full of leeches, prepare some mint oil to get ride of this nasty little thing when it latched on your skin.
The breathtaking view on the mountain range of Sarawak

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