Thursday, December 01, 2016

Batang Ai Exploration with Wilson Chin and Friends 婆罗洲探险者巴当艾游记

Batang Ai, Borneo Paradise...
This is the longboat that we use to one of the traditional longhouse along the Ai river (Batang Ai)
The view along the Ai river (Batang Ai) 

This is our boatman, a very fiendly person. He share with us many of the culture and history here
A bost ride to one of the traditional longhouse along the Ai river (Batang Ai)
Iban longhouse to be seen along the Ai river (Batang Ai)

Travel upriver to visit more longhouse

According to the locals, the water is yellow because there are logging camp on up stream
Manual paddling with bamboo against the water current
no electronic here, no mobile reception. Swimming is one of the entertainement here at the Ai river
A group photo with the chief of the longhouse (in blue pants), and our boatman (2nd right)


Unknown said...

Hello Wilson, I am an english traveller coming to batang ai hoping to see orangutans in the wild. Do you think I could stay with the Iban and pay someone to guide me into the jungle searching for orangitan? I have money to pay for some floor to sleep on but not enough to pay the expensive hotel I can see online. Thank you cery much

Wilson Chin said...

Hi Isaac, thank you for visiting my site.
Of course, you can certainly stay with the Iban as thats where I stayed last time. I have a few contact where you can contact.

1) Mr Lee +6019 868 0155 (Mr Lee helps to make arrangement to Batang Ai, have to tell him that you want to stay at longhouse, have local meal, and jungle trekking.)

2) Ms Nisa +6016 860 6188 (Nisa is a freelance tour guide, she does the same thing as Me Lee, you can contact her to compare the price between MrLee)

Hope these contact helps :)
Hope you enjoy your stay there, and do email me if you need further details info.

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Unknown said...

Hi Wilson,

Thanks very much for the information, that all sounds fantastic! I will definitely save those numbers for when I'm in country. Do you have a rough guess of how much it might cost per day?

Thanks very much

Wilson Chin said...

Hi Isaac,
The Iban longhouse that I stayed called Mengkak Engkari, and these are the cost that I paid.

a) Overnight at the coridor - RM12
b) Gas stove, cook, rice - RM60
c) Entrance tax for the longhouse chief - RM60
d) Night lamp - RM6
e) Boat ride to upriver - RM250

I'm not sure if they will charge the same for foreigner? But hope this can give you an idea how much the cost was for my entire 2 days 1 night trip.