Thursday, April 27, 2017

Life in the Kinabalu Mountain Range of Sabah Borneo 2 of 2 婆罗洲,京那巴鲁高原山脉的生活(下篇)

Borneo is a tropical island, its hot all year round, and cold weather for us is a blessing. Every time when I explore to places with cold weather, I tent to get very exited! But in the same time, I will easily get running nose.
See through my camera lens on how is the life in the Kinabalu Mountain Range looks like.


On my way up to Laban Rata, I'm not alone. On one of the rest stop, there are these cute squirrel welcome me. I let them eat some biscuit.  

5th June 2015, 07.15am local time. A powerful magnitude 6.0 earthquake has struck Mount Kinabalu (54 kilometers from the state capital of Kota Kinabalu), cracking roads and buildings in the region and injuring climbers on the peak area.
The force of the tremor was so strong that it snapped off one of the two "Donkey's Ear" rock outcroppings that form a distinctive part of the mountain's peak.  

二零一五年六月五日,当地时间早上七点时十五分。 京那巴鲁山(距离哥打京那巴鲁五十四公里)发生了强大的六级地震,破坏了该地区的道路和建筑物,并对高峰地区的登山者造成伤害。


Laban Rata Base Camp, at 3272 meter above sea level

Guys, look at the sunset behind me, isn't it amazing!!! This is the first time I get to see sunset in such a high altitude. 

大家看我背后的夕阳,这是我第一次在高原看夕阳 😃💓👍。温柔的阳光照耀整片大地,云海都在我脚下。
Birds gliding in the sky freely.
The life at the highland of the Kinabalu mountain range are fantastic, Just the way to reach this area will be a bit challenging. Remember to keep the nature clean, take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprint. 
So what about the life on the Kinabalu park highland? Click on this article to read more. 


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