Thursday, April 20, 2017

Life in the Kinabalu Highland of Sabah Borneo 1 of 2 婆罗洲,京那巴鲁高原的生活(上篇)

Borneo is a tropical island, its hot all year round, and cold weather for us is a blessing. Every time when I explore to places with cold weather, I tent to get very exited! But in the same time, I will easily get running nose. 
See through my camera lens on how is the life in the Kinabalu Highland looks like.


Behind me is the highest mountain in Borneo, 4095 meter above sea level.
This is the Kinabalu Park, its a resort for visitor to stay and enjoy the highland life. It stands at 1563 meter above sea level. 
Three hornbill birds flew over.
The temperature here is in between 25 - 21 degree Celsius.
This is the Balsam buffet restaurant, the food here are extremely delicious. 
About 5am, the white dots on mount Kinabalu is the hikers who will be reaching the summit.
The highland life here are wonderful, although the sun shine brightly, but I do not feel hot at all. Very admin the life here. So what about the life on top of the mount Kinabalu mountain range? Click on this article to read more. 


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Taco Bell said...

Very nice !! I like your hiking trips and also visits to all these hidden rural area in Sarawak and Sabah.