Thursday, August 30, 2018

Drone View from Above at Mount Singai, Sarawak Borneo

 This looks like a leaf, but its actually an insect. Camouflage insect.

 My wife going slow and steady up the wooden plank.
Big millipede 
 The couple trees at Mt Singai. 
 When you reach this split rock, means you almost summit mount Singai
 Meet up with my friend Kelvin halfway, and we went to the summit of Mount Singai together
The Mount Singai view point
Mount Singai bird's eyes view, its like a table top mountain.

Previous Climb on Mount Singai


Clem said...

Hey Wilson,

I still read your blog and this is the first time that you mention your wife. I didn’t know that you got married because you haven’t blogged about it. Anyhow, many congratulations to you and wife on marrying.

Wilson Chin said...

Hi Dr.Clem,
I'm so happy to hear from you. And thank you very much for your wishes.
Hope to meet you again anytime in future :)