Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mount Singai, the longest climb

It took me 4 ½ hours to get to the peak of mount Singai and down. Singai is a sacred and holy mountain because there is a church on the mount which was build since the 1890s. I stated my journey together with my friends at 10 mornings, as I remember the last time I came here was 4 years ago.

I’m back after 4 years, and just before I start to go up the mount. There are many plastic bags with sand in it. The church up there are still renovating after this years, my friends and I carried 2 big bags of sand up to the church. At this stage, we are climbing staircase. A lot of staircases, as some the wood had rotten. So have to be extra careful when going up.

Most of my friends are first time here so they already complaining the steepness of the staircases, and we have to stop occasionally to rest. Is quite hilarious when seeing their tired face, they just keep on mumbling about how hard it is just to go up. Then ask for how long for us to reach to the top, my answer will always be “10 more minutes guys” :P

Along the way, I encounter a lot of spiders, with different sizes. There is one as huge as my palm, and it builds a very huge web to capture insect. One of my friends tries to poke the spider while I’m taking photo; she said this can make the spider move nearer to the angle I want.

After all the resting, joking around, and laughing at each other, we then finally reach the Singai Church. The place had indeed change a lot since my last visit, I saw that there is a new building upon our arrival.

And while I’m taking photos just beside the pond, I saw a frog jumping away. Then my heard friends are screaming at me, while I notice a snake just crew over my foot. Oh, they are screaming about the snake, and I was very lucky that it was chasing after the frog and not after me. Thank you god…

So how was the climb you ask? It was pretty fun, when going up to the church; we stop for rest a lot. Not all of us made it to the top though, as there’s only me and another friend of mine. So I told her that we can team up for the upcoming Amazing Race Asia game. To reach to the top, the paths are very steep. I’m extremely tired that time, but my mind keep on telling me to go. My last few steps until the top, I lookup and saw the sunlight shine through the trees leafs and kiss my face. I took a deep breath, and climb faster. Yeah! And I’m finally here, extremely exhausted, but excited.

I notice the platform build here last time had collapse, I had a very clear view on top of the mount. Compare to the foggy view that I had last time. Took a lot of photos, and love it here. After my photography session, we have to go down immediately to meet up with the rest of the friends. This is a wonderful climb, and I’ll come back here again in the future.

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Here is another travelogue, destination Mt. Sinai and hope you would enjoy it as much as I did. ~ Thanks to Jungleman :)


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cooknengr said...

Kid, very nice. You can surely build up confidence for future interview or giving speeches. But the "putting arms behind head scene" 有點那個咧....looks like enjoying a 叫雞 moment...:)

Wilson Chin said...

lols, ok thanks for reminding me Taiko. I will not do that arms thing next time :D

thatsofarah said...

Wow, great adventures! Come across your blog when looking for a write up for Lambir Hills National Park. Loving your stories.