Monday, September 07, 2009

Visitation to Bintangor, Sarawak

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I follow my friends to visit a small town called Meradong (Sarikei Division, Bintagor District). From Kuching to Bintagor by car is around 4 hour with an average 120km/h car drive.

We reach my friend hometown at around 4:30pm, drop by his brother's house (Inherit by his pass away parent). He told us some stories during his childhood time.

This Myna Bird it can make many Human Voice, it even knows how to say "你好吗" (how are you) in!



My friend's brother raise chicken, bunnies, and Ginnie pigs. The bunny is so cute, I pat the rabbit body, the fur is soft. Just like a doll.

Every place has a symbolic signature, at Kuching - Cat, Sibu - Swan, Sarikei - Pineapple, Serian - Durian, Limbang - Buffalo, Miri - Seahorse, and here at Bintagor is Grapefruit.
*update: Bingator Symbolic is called Bintangor Orange (this info is given by a blog reader of mine)



Meradong Town view, the population are most native people, then most of the Chinese are doing business here.

Most of the Chinese are fuchow dialect people. And where there's fuchow friends I know that there's delicious kanpua noodles. The Kampua noodles made by fochow people are the best.



The water transport service to Sibu and Kapit. To Sarikei is just a half an hour car drive.


Most of the Chinese people here operates small grocery store, and coffee shop. There are only one hotel here which is the Ming Kiong Hotel (own by Dato Ting Pek King) and the Sarawak Tunku Abdul Rahman College will build here in the future as well.
Since no entertainment here, I can guaranty the students will all have good results.




The dry market, I haven't see a small ducking and chick for so long. It's so cute!

We went in a small grocery store to buy water, and I saw a very old Television by National. The owner told me that when Malaysia start broadcast television, he bough it at that time. It was around thousand plus.
So this television ages 20 years plus, and is still working (Made in Japan). I have a old radio (red color) and was made in Japan as well, my father bouth the radio since I was around 5 years old, now I'm 28. The radio still functioning well until today, Japan product is good.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your trip.

Beautiful people, the town and the local market by the river.


Wilson Chin said...

Hi Jungleman, yep I like this trip. Is nice after a working for 5 days, then go for a trip and take some photos.
The food are nice here, I keep on eating and eating. I think I have gain 2KG for this trip :S

cooknengr said...

Hey kid, too bad did not get to meet you in Kuching. Would you be kind enough to tell me how do you put the google map on your blog ? I need it for my trip report.

Wilson Chin said...

Hi Taiko, ya haven't seen you for quite a while. Guess have to wait till next time then, I've send you the guide on how to do it.
and are looking forward to your trip report as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. esp the kam pua!

Bintangor statue is Bintangor Orange, not grapefruit

Wilson Chin said...

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind :)
cheers :)