Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Sky is on Fire

On my way back to Kuching Town after dinner from Tapah village. It was around 6:45PM, I drive along Kuching-Serian road. I drive on the left lane of the highway, I must stop for a photos, cause the sky is on fire. Here goes...

Sunset at Beratok village (21th Mile Kuchng Serian Road)

This is my first batch of HDR photo, the sky is on fire


Anonymous said...


Great pictures.

The famous lady photographer whose name is escaping me right now who took the famous picture of the pregnant Demo Moore, said something to the effect that, "photography is more than the technicality, it's the story frozen in time". And every pictures of hers tells a story of sort.

Tapah village sounds fascinating and can you bring stories from there through your lenses. Food pictures are generally boring and dry. You can differentiate from the ordinary!


Wilson Chin said...

Hi Jungleman,

Thanks for the comment, I'm still learning on how to take a good photo. Each time when I encounter a great scene, I told myself that this is that moment of a lifetime where it will not repeat the 2nd time. I will always try my very best to capture that moment into my camera.

I've browse through the Nikon Photo Contest International page. And read the comment for the Grand Prize photo, I know that's the photo skills that I want to achieve, to make my every photo tells a story :D


The Grand Price Photo:

...a comment made by the Judge
" There were many photos in this contest that left a strong impact, but this photo was one of the few that will stand the test of time due to its quiet yet powerful nature and ability to instigate deep contemplation.
-By Mr. Miyoshi "