Friday, January 21, 2011

Visitation to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park @ Sabah Penampang, The Sabah Zoo


On my last day at Kota Kinabalu, my family and I went to the Sabah Zoo a.k.a Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. This is the park that runs by the Sabah wildlife department, under the ministry of tourism Sabah.


Back in Kuching, Sarawak. We also have the ministry of tourism, and we also have a wildlife department. But just that the officer here they like to do paperwork, so the all tourism dude they will stay in the office for 360 days, just by doing paperwork, and write on the paper on how the tourism industry at Sarawak will growth. And wait for the payday, Very effective right, I salute them :)

Back to the Sabah zoo, the park has more than 100 species of mammals including birds, which all kept in captivity. They also have a botanical garden, an herbal and a ginger garden.
What I enjoyed most is the animal show which starts 11AM and 3PM daily. They really train the animals well, as they have orang utan showing off his strength by peeling the coconut, snake hiding in the audients seat, parrots playing basketball, and more.

My bros, dad and me also had our elephant rides with only cost RM5 (at Langkawi, it cost RM60!!!) this is our first time riding an elephant, while he is walking, you will feel like it swings left and right, so have to remember to hold tight.

Wonderful park, wonderful animal. We head back home with happy memories that we will never forget.
I’ve touch a python snake for the 2nd time

First time touch snake is here.

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