Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Visitation to the Desa Cattle Milk Farm @ Kundasang, Sabah


What is this? Dairy Milk? The Milk Cows? cozy weather? is this New Zealand?

Nah, I''m at Kundasang, Sabah now. and I'm on my way to to the Sabah Dairy Milk farm. It is a steep driving to the Desa Milk Farm, but when almost reach the top, cozy weather again :)
I really enjoy the cozy weather here, don't get this kind of weather back in Kuching.

Mum are so happy when she saw the flowers along the road, the place are full of flourish flowers. There are entrance fees to go into the farm, not sure how much, my brother pay for it.

There are like over 50 herd of cows, and there are cow poo everywhere. We get to see how is the milk machine looks like, they will milk the cow every 3PM. And we also get to see how they process the raw milk, but this is not for us to drink, but is for the little cow cubs.

Check out the short video I made during my visitation to the Dairy Milk Farm :)



Unknown said...

hello wilson...im about to go there soon...can u tel me more details bout the place...becoz im going to do some research bout the milk processing...will they allowed people see how they process the milk n r they got day off??mean sunday maybe??

Wilson Chin said...

hi cassey,

Sure, as far as I know. I'm not sure whether they will close on Sunday or not.

But the milk processing time is at 3PM everyday.

We reach there are around 11am that day, and they told us that all of their process milk sold out, so they asked us to go there earlier next time.

They also allow us to go into the farm (ok I didn't sneak in actually :P) and touch the cow (if u dare).

The processing process that you see in my video, is not for human but for the cub only. They make the milk hot at a certain temperature, and then will feed the cub with that.

This is all I know :( not much of a help. However I do hope u will have fun there, and good luck with ur research :)


Unknown said...

tq wilson....u're most helpful ....

CathJ said...

nice.. going there soon.. ^_^

Wilson Chin said...

CathJ, nice choice :) highly recommended. Remember to go early to try the chocolate milk.

LOUIS said...

Hi, is the desa cattle farm easy to reach by driving car? do you have address?

Wilson Chin said...

Louis, last time I'm driving a Toyota Avanza, and so far is ok for my car to climb that steep hill.

the details is here.
P.O.Box 71, 89308 Kundasang, Ranau, Sabah.088-889562 (office)

and they also have their facebook fan page.


Hope this helps :)