Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DM trip to the Kota Kinabalu 2011

I went for a 4 days 3 night trip to Kota Kinabalu, KK is one of my favourite place to visit, especially the Kundasan area there they have the cozy weather, and the Mount Kota Kinabalu. OMG, cozy weather here I come.... oh wait, I'm here for the Charity Ride thingy, so have to settle everything first before enjoying.
Went to a house warming party, is my friend's cousin house. He did very well in KK, and bought a half million house to stay in. Is a 3 stories house, the outer looks is good, but they really need to put more effort on the interior. Or hire an interior designer to do the design for them.
Is time to check in to our hotel, I'm staying at the Sabah Oriental Hotel (formerly knowns at Beverly Hotel). There is a group of Filipino band, and the two singer can sing very well (and very sexy too).
This is how the lobby looks like, there is a water fountain just surrounding the stairways (and the x-mas tree), and they have lots of real tortoise swimming around the fountain.
After we checked in, we left our luggage in the hotel room. I called up my friend to pick us up, and tour us around the KK town. This is the night view from the Singnal Hill Observation Pavilion at Sabah.
We went to the Sutera Harbour Resort, it is a huge resort. I visited the place for quite a few time, and it was really huge, and pretty.
One of the best place to be when your at Kota Kinabalu. They have very nice restaurant there, and the ambient are super cool.
There is a dockyard where people with their own yacht can dock em here. There are more than 20 yacht here. Hope I can go for a ride on these yacht one day.

Night view at the Sutera Harbour is pretty...

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