Sunday, November 27, 2011

2 Days Bintulu Trip

Each time I only get to transit at the Bintulu airport, but this time is my first time to visit the Bintulu Town. I follow my friends at the charity society here for a short 2 days 1 night trip, and to attend a charity dinner. Bintulu is famous for the oil and gas industry here, and it also the only division which has the flight academic school here. So who wants to be a pilot, they can come here to learn to fly. When we reach Bintulu, it was meeting the whole day. I don't have any time to actually go around the Bintulu town, and took photo :(
My friend bring us to a restaurant, and ordered a famous dish. Is the fish, they cook it by warp the fish with aluminium foil, and put lots of salt inside, and steam it. That restaurant is the only one who can make such dish, and is very tasty (according to my friend). All the fish are kept inside a fish tank, and there are a lot of fishes in that tank. I feel so pity for the fish, waiting to be slaughter, and be eaten by people just to satisfy people hunger. I still eat meat, but I just felt very sorry for the fish to watch the fish die like this. Waiting for people to pick which one is the fresh one, and eat it.... so I skip that dish, and let my friends eat my portion.
By the time the meeting finish, it was very late, and my friend did bring us to roam around the Bintulu Town one round, so I quickly take this opportunity to take some pictures. Here is me at the Chinese Temple. That night, most of my friends had stomach ache. I'm the one who is ok, I'm been thinking, is it the fish... hm... cheers, Wilson

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