Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Visit to Batu Niah Town @ Miri

After my visit to Bekenu, then my parent and I drive another 15 mins to another town called Niah. My last visit to the Niah town is here. Where I explorer the famous Niah Cave.


Upon enter the Niah town, we are welcome by this magnificent view in front of us. The cliff wall of the Niah town.


My 2nd visit to this place, and this time I roam around the town area and see what they have there.

DSC_0502 DSC_0505

A Chinese school, is the SJKC Chee Mung. This might be a primary school, I also study in a Chinese primary school. And I learn how to write and read in Chinese there. But after goes to secondary school, no teacher available to teach Chinese, so we have no more changes to learn Chinese again.


Most of the small town in Sarawak, there will be a river. Is the same as Niah here, and they also put in a sign "A danger sign" of the alligator!!!!


Look at the static and muddy water here, you dare to swim in this place?

Chee Mung  = 启蒙 

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