Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Visit to the small town called Bekenu @ Miri


I visited a small town called the Bekenu Town, so this place is a 30 min drive from Miri. This town is under the Subis District Council. And as you can see the picture here, one of the income source is from oil palm plantation.


Upon entering the town, you can see a few row of newly develop shop lots. And most of them are operate by the Chinese people. Yes, the Barisan National are quite active here, cause I can see a lot of flags of the BN, and the PBB (Persaka Bumiputera Bersatu) in English is the United Traditional Bumiputera Party.

So opposition team, common where are you guys!!! do more roadshow in places like this, they need to know the truth about our country!!!


On the second half of the town, is where the old shop lots are. Most of them still remain their old appearance.


Most of them are also operate by the Chinese people here, and small town like this, they have 4 motor bike shops. The business is good, cause most of them are using motorcycle.


A place for the people here to hangout during their free time. The Bekenu esplanade.



And I also visited the marker, as it is just beside the Bekenu esplanade. The seafood here looks very fresh, from all the small town that I visited, I notice they have fresh sea product. And the price is rather cheap to compare with the one we have in the big cities.

DSC_0460 DSC_0464

A few Malay stalls are selling all this fried kuih, which I can't resist not to eat them. I bough a lot of this kuih.

DSC_0451 DSC_0465

This is made from fish, and it taste very nice. with 1 buck you can get 5 of those, if eat with the chili sauce it tastes even better. 


A traditional Chinese temple at the very back of the town area. We went in and visited the place.
I'll put up more photos in my next post, cause I also visited the Bekenu beach, and also Batu Niah town.

I really like the kuih :)

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