Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Borneo, Sarawak, Matang Kubah Waterfall with Wilson Chin

Do you know how does it feels to be inside the waterfall, or dive under water. Click on the play button on my video to watch how it is look like.

Ants make nest under the leaf
The Frog Pond
rainforest tree network
spider resting on the web
tree fell down
From the looks of the crack line, can tell that this tree just fell down not long ago. It a pity to saw this big tree like this, imagine how many years does it take for it to grow that huge and tall, and how many oxygen that it can produce for the people here. Must educate our friends to cherish and protect our forest.

tree sculpture and Wilson Chin (me)
Notice anything special in this picture? yeah, I know you saw the good looking Borneo explore Wilson Chin, but there is also something else there, keep looking... 

Fungus growing on rotten roots
When you see this type of fungus in the forest, please be extremely careful, and do not, I repeat, do not put your hand into its mouth, or else..... 

Kubah Waterfall vertical view
Mini plants
The Kubah Waterfall
The water are very refreshing, and when bath there, I can feel my skin getting fairer and softer. You should come and try it next time.

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