Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Shop that always dry its noodles at the parking lot in Song Kheng Hai food court

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I'm in front of Song Kheng Hai food center, and as a local Kuching people we will know that everyday there will be two to three parking lot are occupied not by car, but by dry noodles. This shop owner will always dry its noodles at the parking lot here except raining day. Last time there is use to be a very old classic green color car parked here, but not sure where did it go already. The owner has been drying the noodles here for very long time arleady, so before I can no longer see this better took a picture to save as memory.

Picture I took back in 2006
Wonder where is this car now???


Ken said...

Is it possible to take some of those noodles home?

Wilson Chin said...

Ken, you can buy from them ;)