Monday, January 20, 2014

Batu Kawa-Singai mini expedition trip with Wilson Chin

This morning I'm going for a mini expedition. Location is on the rural Bau-Singai area. To go there, you will need to take the turn from Batu Kawa to Matang road.
I did map this trip on google earth, but unfortunately google did not update this map, it was since 2008. And from google earth, this area was covered by clouds.
I'm now in a forest garden, where its full of fruits, flowers, and the sound of insect. I can hear the water sound, very close by. So I am going to seek for this river.
What I manage to found is not just river, but two beautiful waterfall too. The water very cold, and fresh. I saw fishes,and shrimps swimming happily in the water. This reminds me of my trip to Lambir Hill National Park at Miri, where I finish my drinking water, and had to drink the stream water, and there are fishes in the water that time, so my guess its that its save to drink.
I also manage to eat durian there, very lucky manage to found one. And the taste extremely tasty. I like the durian from Singai area, they have a bitter taste, mix with sweet milky taste. Its just irresistible...

Ok dear reader, enjoy my video :)

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