Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kuching Folding Bike Trip #01

I bough a beginner entry folding bike, because I plan to go cycling when I am not on my hiking trip. My bike is a 20" bike with 6 speed, shimano gear.20140101_090630_Jalan Kampung Stapokwtmk
20140101_090551_Jalan Kampung Stapokwtmk
20140101_090601_Jalan Kampung Stapokwtmk
My first trip is to the Batu Kawa old town, cycle to the old town, and roam around that area. Sunny day, and not much car on the road.
20140101_085634_Jalan Semantanwtmk
20140101_085608_Jalan Semantanwtmk
The Rantau Panjang, a nice ride on the old Batu Kawa town. A long and nice country road into the unknown.
The Penrissen 4th mile area. I only realize that there are a lot of open space in this area. Saw a car parked on the very end of the road there, but when I ride pass there, no one in the car. Wonder where is the driver go...

20140101_094651_Lorong Arang 13wtmk
A shortcut I discover in the Jalan Kong Ping road area, I found a big dead monitor lizard on the road. A serious injured on the head, so I use a stick to carry that dead lizard, and put aside on the road. Hope that no car will trip over it.
20140101_092653_Jalan Desa Wirawtmk
20140101_093535_Jalan Kong Pingwtmk
After a long bicycle trip, its time to go home, so tired.

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