Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two Days One Night @ Sematan Palm Beach Resort, Kuching

White sand, big wave, coconut drink, gentle breeze, and hot chicks. They got it all here at Sematan Palm Beach Resort, I went there for a two day one night trip with my friends. We rented a room for 6 people for RM390, this include 6 packs of dinner and breakfast. One of our friends is kind enough to drive us all the way from Kuching to Sematan; it took us one and a half hour to reach Sematan. Our check in time is 2pm, just when we settle down I head to the beach first. Wow, the sun is burning me. I can’t wait to jump into the sea, but I don’t want to get Sunburn to I wait.

The rest of my gang are all in the room preparing lunch, we had bring along a lot of food, for dinner we have BBQ vegetarian style (most of them are vegetarians) we BBQ corn, potato, vegetarian sausage, and vegetarian chicken. This is the fist time I have a vegetarian BBQ, not bad, and we also have steamboat for dinner. Just when the clock reaches 4pm, we all head to the beach. This place is crowded with people, is a very beautiful place, a perfect getaway from the busy city life. The wave are strong, there is few time I also suck away by the wave, is fun when a big wave splashes on us. The water is very salty, accidentally I drank a lot of sea water. My tongue feels bitter because of the salt water. There is a lot of sea shell, and I’ve also suffer a minor cut on my feet. We all have been playing for almost two hours on the beach. Damn hungry…

We rent a BBQ stand for RM15, and start our fire. Some of my friends prepare the steamboat. We also have vegetarian sushi. There are 11 of us, but we barely finish the food. There is a lot of sand mosquito, I have sensitive skin, and I have mosquito bites on both legs. That night was full moon night; I went to the beach alone. Enjoying the quiet moment, the sound of the wave are quiet, the moon shining softly, gentle breeze blowing on my face. I took quite a few number of night shoots. Love the view. The next morning, wake around 6.30am, just in time to photo the morning beach. I had breakfast at the nearby restaurant, after breakfast back to room. I’ve enjoy this trip very much, and we’ve plan to come to Sematan again, here have a lot of small resort. So the availability is not a problem. After this trip, is back to working life again. Enjoy the photos my dear reader.

Is a one and a half hour drive from Kuching to reach Sematan

My friend is a driver, he is kind enough to use his van to drive us all the way to Sematan, and free of charge!!!

Palm beach is a private property, the owner had renovate the whole place into a small size resort. There’s a lot of small size resort at Sematan, so if this place charge you very expensive, don’t worry you still have a lot of choices.

We rented a family type six person room. It also include 6 pack of dinner, and breakfast.

kayak for rent, here everything is for rent.

tinny crab hiding inside the sand.

I had forgotten when is the last time I’ve been to the beach.

Instead of trying to remember I choose to dive into the beach.

hahaha, this is the first time I have a vegetarian style BBQ.

One for the album, a trip to remember.

Palm Beach restaurant, they sell ice-cream here, but is very expensive.

If only I have a DSLR, with a long exposure time you can see clearly on the night beach, and the moon. Bear with me my dear readers, I’m collecting $$ to have a Nikon D80 soon.

Good Morning, this is hot the morning beach looks like.

I can’t believe that the boys had lost to the girls. Shameeeeeeee : P


Anonymous said...

Love what you wrote. Glad to know that you visited Sematan. I am local from Sematan but now working in Kuching.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. nice expeience u got there.. we plan to go there during our holidays.. hope we'll enjoy the place like u did

Anonymous said...

amazing experience haha...wish to go there too..

Wilson Chin said...

Hi all, Thank You all for droping in.

Beside this beach. Actually there are other choices as well, you can take a survey, ask for the price first, then decide which to choose. I'm sure there are also others that is as good as this beach here :)