Saturday, January 05, 2008

To The Beach and Rain

”We still go to the beach?” I asked my friend once I’m in his car. I follow a group of friends to Sampadi Beach on the first of January. “Ya, still going :)” my friend answer me. Our destination is a open beach, it does not have beautiful resort, does not have toilet, does not have barbeque stand, does not have security guard, is just an open space. To get to the beach, need to pass by Matang, then cross a river by using a ferry. While crossing the river, the rain had stop. The win is strong and cold, can tell that a heavy rain is coming.

It tooks us about one hour to reach the beach, we unload all our drinks, chicken curry, lamb curry, eggs, chicken wing, fried noodles, junk food, and many more. The senior uncle and aunties, they start the fire for barbeque. While waiting, we all walk around the beach. The win is so strong that I had a feeling that I was going to blown away by it. The rain start to drizzle, I feel cold and hungry. The beach is cover by coconut trees and pine trees. There is an almost collapse pavilion beside the beach, we put all our bags there. It only took the uncle and auntie half-an-hours to get the chicken and pork meet cook. This is the first time I’m having lunch on a drizzling, strong win environment. A very good experience, after finish lunch some of my friends go swimming. While some of us stay back to finish the food.

The tide is strong, and is quite danger actually. I took a lot of photos, and post it up here. Before we go home, we have a lucky draw game. I get number 11 which is a note pad, the first price is to get all the left over barbeque chicken wings, pork meet, instant noodles, junk food, and soft drink. This trip is fun, if the beach has more facilities like toilet, and bath room it will be better. I sleep at 9.00pm that night, tired.

I was in my friend car, at the back seat. I was getting worried will the rain ever stop, will the sun come out today? I hope it will.

crossing the Sampadi river, the beach is just 10 minutes drive after we cross the river, and the charges is RM1.00 per car to cross the river.

Here we are, we have to unload all our food and drinks.

The win is cold and strong, I should bring my jacket.

The experience uncle and aunties are in charge of lunch, while we just wait for the food to be cook

good progress, is very warm when stand near the fire.

Beside coconut trees, there is also a lot of pine trees. Because this is an open space beach so no people take care of the beach, broken tree branches all over the place.

It starts to rain again, the tide is strong because of the win. This is a nice place, it will be better if it have more facilities.


BeeTin said...

The first picture was a nice capture..
Hope you had fun having BBQ there :)

Wilson Chin said...

cozuni - Hi, ya it was fun having BBQ, hope next time can go there again.