Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Morning Walk George Town Penang

I didn’t sleep well last night, the room temperature are too cold. The reception didn’t give us the remote, and had preset the temperature to 16°C. So my friend and I woke up early, we’re starving.


We then roam around the town area to look for a place for breakfast, the shops here only operate at 9am, and some are 10am.


If we’re at Kuching now, the coffee shop had start operate from 6am.


When at George Town, I was like walking in a history class. Most of the buildings have this British looks, and is like walking in a history class.


I’ve walk in some very old temple for photos, and when asked about the history, most of them are over 100 years old. :O


Trishaw service are everywhere at George Town, the price range can be around RM5 to RM10 for one trip.

The population from what I can see, Chinese had the most, and then Malay and India are even.


Most of the Chinese here speak Hokian, but the ways they speak are different from how we speak at Sarawak.


My friend and I had no direction, don’t know where are we going.

We just keep on walking, we have reach a place where they have many stalls. Is just like Sunday Market at Kuching, but the difference is that they operate everyday.

They sell fruits, local delicacy, food, foot wear, clothes, meat, fish, you name it, they have it.


Stop here, cause finally we found a place for us for breakfast…

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