Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday Market @ Satok Kuching

There will be a worshiping ceremony on the coming weekend at the Buddhist temple, I company my friends to Sunday Market to buy fruits. There is a little boy at the fruit stall helping his mom. He has dark skin, and short hair. His math is good; he can calculate our fruits price without using the calculator. I was impress =O my math sucks.

Sunday Market start at Saturday evening 3pm onwards, till Sunday 12pm. The stall are cheap, my friend who has a stall there told me it only cost around a few dollar a day to rent the place.

The fruit stall owner dig all the fruits out, and repack into small packing.

This is the smart kid. I ask how is the apple? He just smile, then I asked him again, if the apple is not sweet, can I change it with you? He smile, and give me a shy look. Hahaha… is nice to talk to kids.

We’ve survey all the pricing first before buying them, Sunday Market at Satok Kuching is the best place to get fresh fruits.

I'm at Penang now for half month 22July till 06Aug. I’ll miss Kuching :( this is the first time going to Penang.

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