Saturday, May 09, 2009

Visitation to Tropical Farm – Part Two of Three

The Chinese name of this farm is called 日月星园, translate to Chinese is called the “Garden of the Sun, Moon, and Stars” so I asked why?

“Because is Nature my friend.” This is what the land owner told me. “The Sun, Moon, and stars all are nature! We have to appreciate what Mother Nature had provided us; she gave us water, sunlight, and air. There’s a mysterious power in nature which keep on alive, and we have to cherish that gift.”

Ya, that’s true. Sometime we just so take things for granted :S

Okey, let’s get back to the second day of my camp. I woke at 6.24am, had a morning jog with the campers. The air was damn fresh here, the morning mist were cold. The grass, trees, birds, sun, win, bugs, air, are all wakening up to start their day. In the nature all of this was very obvious, I like the fog, when I inhale, the sweetness, freshness of the air all goes into my lungs. It feels really good :)

100% no pollution, is hard to imagine is the world back to Stone Age. No pollution, no computers, no competitive. Will it be a better place? According to research, the dinosaurs had rule the planer very long time, but after the planet was rule by human being (for only 1/10 of the dinosaurs’ time), now in the technology age, the pollution was very serious. Some time I’ve been thinking the Intelligent of human being, is it a gift or a curse?

After my morning jog, we had our breakfast. Then there’s a counseling course, I like this course. It teaches us on how to care, and love. And reach for our inner self.

Well, since is about nature. The crew had decided to use leaf as plate, and our hands as spoon. Saving the planet and recycle~~ baby!!!

It looks like going to rain soon, and we had our leadership training during the evening. Just 10 minutes before the training ends, the rain pour heavily. Great, tonight I can have free air conditioner :P
The rain stop after an hours, the land owner came and bring us to walk around his farm while explaining to us the trees, plants, fish available in the farm.

He even has his own archery arena. That’s cool, I guess his children must be very good at hunting.

The Sunset at around 6:22pm.

I had a very full dinner that night, after the dinner the programs starts again. And I’m the emcee for the programs.

----------------- to be continue--------------------
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