Saturday, June 13, 2009

Around Limbang Town

Some photos I shoot during my holiday back to hometown. It change a lot since my last visit, this cute little small town is developing.

My primary school, The S.R.B Chung Hua School. The building which currently constructing is belong to primary five and six, now they’re expanding due to the shortage of classroom.

The famous Limbang Rojak, I don’t know what so special about it, but some people just crave for it. It even distribute the rojak sauce as far as Brunei.

This market is just opposite my primary school. I still remember each morning, mom will gave me and my brother 50 cents each and we’ll come here to buy some kuih for brunch.

My brother Jason motorbike shop :P

The Limbang River, this part is somewhere near to the Muzium Limbang. The water pollution had gone from bad to worse :( that’s why I don’t really like eat fish which is from the Limbang wet market. Who knows what they had eaten.

The only Limbang Plaza, now the management of Plaza had renovated the place, expand and a lot of new shop lots are in. this is a good sign, which shows the economic at Limbang is growing. There’s also a lot of development, like new resident housing project, new school were also build for compromising the crowded kids.

An old shoplots, Maybank was very crowded. There’s also an old supermarket in the same lot, is called the Chun Chang Supermarket. Now they had also established their second branches at a new town area.

This hotel has a small conference room, most of the Bruneian will stay here. Limbang is just next to Brunei, so they will came to Limbang shopping (RM2.5 = $1 Brunei Dollar). Cause they can buy cheap stuff here. But now I heard that the Brunei government had enforced new rules and regulation, is not to allow Brunei people buy too much stuff from other country (like Limbang) to prevent their currency from slipping out from Brunei.

This is a very old tree which is just next to the Jetty of Immigration Limbang, this is the only big tree which is at the town of Limbang. We usually will see this type of spooky trees at the graveyard, hm~wired.

My favorite photography subject “Sunset”.

One of the Buddhist center at Limbang, I went for chanting with my brother on that weekend.

Grandpa, you better watch out, wait till his mom come back. You’ll be sorry…

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