Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The evening @ Friendship Park Kuching

I stumble on a blog from China, she's a art student have to learn drawing from morning at 8am till finish class at 6pm. Her lecturer bring them to many place to draw, China has many stunning scenes.

I went to friendship park to learn photography yesterday evening, not really satisfy with the outcome. Need more practice, I need a macro lens :P

I'm playing around with the aperture mode, hm~~still not sure on how to make some part blur.


a dad is playing soccer with his son :) while I'm shooting the pink flowers.

hm~~the aperture settings really made me headache, I've seem a wedding photos before. The photographer perfectly blur the background scene, and sharping the brides and her family in the front. Wonder how he do it?

When the sun shines on this flowers, its like a coat of gold layer cover on top of it.

Yesterday the evening scene is not good, the sky is dark and hazy :(
Can't take good sunset scene.

The top photographer, Wilson Chin


kenbong said...

Lens is very important when u want to blur the background...Give it some try on difference lens and u will know which one suit u the best.. ^^
Don't forget to borrow me hor !!

cooknengr said...

Hey kid, zoom in and use smaller aperture. D90 has a Depth of Field preview button to let you see thru the lens.

And the most important thing in photography, understand the physics behind it

Wilson Chin said...

ken - ok, I'll try my camera on other lens soon, but in the meantime I have to get familiar with the current one first. So borrowing you will be a problem at the moment.

taiko - I just notice that little preview button yesterday, is just next to the lens.
thanks for the info taiko, it helps a lot.

Clem said...

You mean like this?


In aperture mode, chose the largest aperture your lens has (note: the smaller the f number, the larger the aperture e.g. f2.8 is much larger than f11). But beware: focussing is very critical at large apertures.

You cannot achieve aperture control if you do not use aperture priority in your program mode.


Wilson Chin said...

Dr Clem - Hi Dr Clem, no time didnt hear from u.
er..ya, is more or less the same. Just that he did it on a far distance.

e.g, In my dad playing soccer with son photo.
From this shooting distance. That photographer can blur the background, and remain clear for father n son.
So I was wondering is it with the lens, or settings on the camera?

anyway, u got good photography skills :)