Friday, July 17, 2009

Kuching Gambier Street, 古晉甘蜜街

I went to shoot some photos of the demolished Gambier Street. I did some reading from the net, the government (Kuching City North Datuk Bandar Abang Mohamad Atei Medaan) wanted to demolish this place cause they said that the place are decades old structures and is not safe to operated business and they put “safety first”, they concern about the safety of the people who operate business there.
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They are going to make this place an esplanade which would stretch from Kuching Hilton to Ban Hock Wharf as well as across the river to ensure both riverbanks would be developed beautifully and making them a popular recreational spot for city dwellers and visitors.

When the government wanted to do something there’s always voice from the public, a signature campaign to save the heritage buildings of Gambier St. was form to group the power from the public and let the current ruling elites be aware of what they are doing was wrong.
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Records in some publications show the market existed as early as the 1860s although permanent structures as the ones we see today were built in the early1900s. Personally I also hope that the authorities can keep this place, the historical value is priceless. I felt regret that there are many time when I have the changes to took photos of the internal or Gambier St. but I didn’t.

Kuching Gambier Street, 古晉甘蜜街

And now it had been completely tear down, what we can see is just some solid foundation (some said is a secret tunnel) which lies under Gambier St market for centuries. I must say that I’m really impressed by the architect work done by the Borneo British. All the building materials must be shipped from UK to Borneo, few hundred years ago where they only have steamship.

Kuching Gambier Street, 古晉甘蜜街

Imagine the man-power require to move all the materials. The White Rajah of Sarawak, James Brook, also build railway, trains, dockyard, buildings, they import cars from UK, plane. He builds an empire here!

I was thinking has the ruling elites from other done the same thing to their historical heritage? Or is it just here at Malaysia? Hm~~~

Kuching Gambier Street, 古晉甘蜜街

Well, few years from now we can expect a brand new Kuching Waterfront for sure. Hope that time, it can boost up the tourism industry at Kuching. Bye Bye Gambier Street.


setiakasih said...


What actually happened to the underground tunnel?

Did they just bury or destroy them tunnels ?

Wilson Chin said...

hi setiakasih,

The tunnels are now bury, and the gov had use that land for development of new Kuching Waterfront (which we already had). sigh~ is sad to see the historical building being tear down by them. But is the people do not unite we are sitting ducks for them.