Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Race to Durian Mountain @ Kampung Pandak

My friends called me up, say will drive me to a special place for photography, and eat some durian. I wait them at the selected place, and after half an hour they’re still not here. I was getting sleepy, and start to fall asleep, and suddenly my phone rang. Yep, it was them. I hop into my friend’s car together with my D90.

We wait for another group of friends on our way to Santubong, my friend told me that we will be going to Kampung Pandak. Is the place where most of the durian sellers get their durian from. It is a durian manufacture factory :S I don’t really crave for durian. But if there are a lot of friends eating together, the taste will be nicer.


*sign* I’m a bit disappointed cause I tough I can go to the sea, to take some photos. But in the end I guess we all have to squad beside the road eating durians. While sitting inside the car, I close my eyes to rest for a while. The car bounces a lot, which I can’t rest properly. I saw my friend make a left turn, follow by a left turn again, the road become narrow and narrower. “What is this place?” I asked. “We’re here.” My friend said.


After I realize, we’re surrounded by trees, and not the ordinary rainforest trees, but a whole mountain of durian trees. I surprise to see that there are so many trees around here. My friends are all durian lover, and I can’t imagine how long they’re going to stay here.

My friend drive slowly trying to look for a place describe by all the backseat passenger. “Is here, no is there, opss no I think is here…” direction keep on changing. That time I check my mobile for signal just in case if I’m really lost at least I can call U right :P.



Finally we’re there, we drive up a small hill. The owner from one of the land was outside his house, he was picking leafs which cover around the durian fruits. He look quite friendly, but always with a cigarette in his mouth.


It seems like my friends and the owner know each others. We told the owner that we wanted to climb the durian mount to see if there’s any leftover durian :D he reply with half of his mouth open (because of the cigerate), “You guys did wear long sleeve? Should wear, many mosquito.”, and “pretty girl like you should wear a pairs of boots, the rocks are sharp up there”.



The chubby old man then lend us two pairs of boots, one straw hat, one basket to put in the durian. So the race is on, the owner said we can keep what we found on the hill. OMG! This ah pek is nice. Without second tough, off we go to the durian mount. Along the way, at first some of the girls complain why no durians, but after we found one, then comes the second, and third, and more.



Going up the hill is not an easy job, there’s a lot of rocks along the way. And have to pay extra attention when going up the hill, with just one slip it may not kill you, but it will definitely hurt badly. They just can’t wait much longer, so we all stop to rest, and EAT :D




They are unbelievable, we didn’t bring knife to open durian, guess what they use?? Their car key :S
And some of them use hand only, I have tested some and the taste is nice. So we all ate one, then second one, then third, and lost count.



The view on top of the hill is magnificent, we don’t found much on the hill top. So we start to going back to the small house. When we reach the house, we continue eat again. This time is on the chubby old uncle, he just keep on open the durians and told us to eat. Some of my friends volunteer to work for him when the next durian session comes. They enjoy the fun of looking for durians :D



Good time pass by fast, we all went back with a stomach full of durians, and also with lots of durian to bring back home. We bid farewell to the owner, and will see him next durian session.



Besides busy eating durians, I’ve shoot a lot of photos as well will post it up in my next post.

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