Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thunder Strom @ Friendship Park

Just when I finish my jogging around 7pm, I saw on north site of my house the clouds gather and became a group of dark clouds. And I can also saw some thunder in the clouds.


Some slow shutter speed photos, the IDS is keep to 200



The lightning are not strong enough, not very satisfy with the outcome. And also I dont understand on why are there additional light displaying on the photos? I didn't adjust any other setting besides the aperture and shutter speed.
Or is it because of the camera lens?
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ColinJong said...

Great photo at Friendship park. :D

You mean the circle light? It is called flare. Sometimes it is good when you take portrait under the sun, but sometimes it's not. If you want to remove it you can use a lens hood. Does your camera len come with a lens hood?

Wilson Chin said...


oh it does comes with a lens hood. I didn't turn it facing forward. I guess that might be the cause to get this glare and lens flare.

will try that next time, thanks Colin :)