Monday, April 19, 2010

Teach yourself on How to Use Vegas Pro – The Basic Function

Hi guys, I’ve got a lot of emails on what is the software that I use for my video and photo editing. So instead of replying one-by-one, I decided to put a write up on the software that I use for my photo and video, and will also do a “How to” tutorial to teach you guys how to use the basic function of the software. So if you’re ready, let’s go…

Ok For video editing, I use Vegas Pro 9.0. Before this I’m using the Windows Movie Maker, but it has some limitation, and I notice that if I apply Effects on it, the quality of my photos drops. But this will not happen in Vegas Pro 9.0, it give me full flexibility in creating my video in the same time it also maintain my image and video quality.

Introduction to Vegas Pro

01-main screen

This is the main screen, where you create your magic here. For the 3 most important place that I use each time when create my video are:
* The Explorer Window
* The Timeline (Track View)
* The Video Preview Windows


Next, at the Explorer Windows, click on the Explorer Tab. Browse to the location to where you save your photos.

As for me, I will always compose the photos, video, and mp3 that I’m going to use for my video. And put this all into one folder.


Drag your photo/video to the Trimmer Window to make sure that you are selecting the correct image/video for the video.


Then you can just click and drag your image/video into the Timeline Window, and you can keep on adding your image/video until is fully loaded.


This is how my Timeline Window looks like after I’ve finish inserting all m video and image to make my Mount Singai video.

You may preview your video while you inserting by just press on the Play button at the lower part of the Timeline Window. And this allows you to make adjustment while previewing your video.


For me, I will always save my project file for future editing. Or I will be able to retrieve back my work if the system crash halfway. So please always save your project file :)


Ok, we’re almost done. After you save your project, is time to make this video live! Go to File > Render As…


Select the type of video format that you like. As for me, because now YouTube support upload size up to 1GB, so I always ops for Windows Media Video V11 (.wmv), and go for the 5Mbps HD 720-25 Video.

Other than that is either the size too huge, or the quality is not that good. The one that I choose are just perfect for me, and I’m happy with it.


But if you want to send your video through email, or just share it among friends. And quality is not the main concern, so maybe you can opt for a smaller video size like the 256 Kbps, or 56 Kbps. It depends on how you want to use your video.

Ok, that is basically how you use the Vegas Pro video editing software; I hope that you will find this useful. And along the way I will show you more tips and tricks like how to make fade effect, how to zoom it/out, how to rotate and more.

So I’ll see you guys later, do email me ( if you have any question on how to use Vegas Pro, and I will try my best to help you.


Wilson Chin

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