Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Split a movie clip by using Vegas Pro

There are many time where we do editing, we would need to split the video in certain part in order for us to insert maybe another image, a sound clip, another movie clip, or an video effect into it.

So today I’m gonna show you on how to split a video clip by using Vegas Pro, it will be an easy tutorial today.


First click here for the basic introduction on how to use Vegas Pro in my previous tutorial

Select a video to be edit, by selecting the folder that you store your video.


Then, click and drag the video into the Timeline Window.


You can zoom in to the video to have a better view, the zoom button is at the bottom right corner.


Then, you have to hit on the Play button, and when the time line reach the place you want to split the video, click on the S button on your keyboard.


After that, you can insert a photo, another video, or mp3 into the gap between the split video.


Here I’ll put an example; let’s say I want to put my photo between the split clip. So I will click and drag my photo to the place where I want it to be.

I had made a tiny clip on how to use this useful function from the beginning to end, hope this help. If you have any question, do email me (wilsonchin1981@gmail.com). See ya.


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