Friday, January 14, 2011

From Kota Kinabalu to Kinabalu Park (Part 2 of 2)

The panorama view on top of the Kinabalu Park

We finally reached the Kinabalu Park after hours of driving. We're excited cause able to visit the highest Mountain in the Southeast Asia, the Mount Kinabalu. I'm happy to become the family photographer, and keep on taking good picture with my family.

The weather up there are super cozy, I went to wash my hand, the water are freezing!!! and the mist keep on floating by just in front of me, the visibility are low.

We visited the starting point to climb the mount, and there is a second floor actually, but is under renovation now. My brothers and I sneak into the construction site to have a look to check the workers if they are working or not.

Just as I thought, they are sleeping there. Hey, the weather is cozy, who can resit this right. We took a lot of photos there, cause the view are nicer up there.

Then, we checked in at the place that we stay for that night. Is called the J-Residence. And good thing is that it is just 5 minutes away from the Kinabalu Park.

After we reach, we unload all our stuff. Mum and my brothers are preparing for tonight dinner. We will have steamboat dinner, so that's why today early morning we went to the fish market to buy fresh seafood.

This is the view outside our room, beautiful right! That night, we have a power blackout :( so dad have to start his car and uses the car light.

We laugh, we eat, we drink.... I'm very happy to know that my parent are enjoying the trip so far. This is a place that worth visiting again :)

the mist, I can touch the mist :)


KenMAHD said...

Hi wilson :)

1st time here :) adding u blog to my list :)

ps: this post made me missing my hometown so badly..huhu..I miss Sabah su much..currently attached here in putrajaya

Wilson Chin said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for drooping by, and the link as well.

I love your hometown, is a wonderful place!!! I will definitely go back again for my next holiday :))