Saturday, September 10, 2011

Visitation To Julau, Sarawak


After my Kanowit visitation, then we took another detour to Julau while on our way to Meradong (Bintagor). And a little bit of background details about the Julau Town.


Julau is a town, and the capital of the Julau District (1703.39 square kilometers) in Sarikei Division, Sarawak, east Malaysia. The district population (year 2000 census) was 34,500. The population is dominated by Iban as well as Chinese especially the Fuzhou.

This is the first time I saw raw rubber, the lorry was loaded with these stuff.


During the rule of Sultanate of Brunei until the White Rajahs dynasty, Julau is one of the places situated inside Kanowit. Julau is a town, and the capital of the Julau District (1703.39 square kilometers) in Sarikei Division, Sarawak. So compare Kanowit and Julau. Julau is much smaller, and not much facilities here.

The warf, I'm not sure where this river links to, but since is near to the Kanowit Town, so it might be linked to Kanowit.

Or it might belongs to the village people which stay opposite the river, or in the long house.

My friend own a coffee shop here, and he told us that most of the population are the Iban people. So the Chinese can also speaks Iban here, and for the Chinese school, almost 60 to 70 % of the students are Iban, so they know how to speak Chinese.

One of the main problem which face by the Julau people here are flooding problem, cause each year during the raining session (Dec - Feb), the town will be flooded and become a water world. So did the gov do anything about this, well of course the gov are busy relaxing in the cozy office, drinking their coffee, playing their facebook game, and waiting for the next payday. weeeee~~~ they're so busy.

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Unknown said...

That river links to song,kapit and belaga..

Wilson Chin said...

thanks for the update :)