Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to make apps go full screen in Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1

I install a few Chinese apps in my galaxy tab, and most of the apps are not build for tablet size android platform. So when running the apps, it will not go full screen.

If you have this problem too, I recommend you use the following software, as it can solve this issue. And is called "Spare Part", try to search it in the Google Play market. The link is here <-----

After you installed it, this application will force all apps to use full screen on your tablet. But to get the app to work you require to do a few steps, this is just a one time configuration. The app take several reboots to be properly configured, but that’s a one time ordeal. JKK Mobile, advises these steps:

  1. Download Spare Parts from Android Market and go through the instlalation process, which should begin automatically after the app has been downloaded.
  2. Launch the app by opening it. Scroll to “Compability Mode.” JKK Mobile advises to tap on the check box, and then untap it again.
  3. Then reboot the Galaxy tab.
  4. Go back into Spare Parts after reboot and go to “Comptability Mode” again and tap it again and then reboot.
  5. After reboot, your apps should be in full screen.

Your apps will be full screen like this....FULL SCREEN finally....


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