Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Visiting Kampung Singai Atas @ Bau

How to look after a lots of Kids? read My previous visit to the family, to know more about this family.


For you who are having birthday, Happy Birthday :)
yeah, when we get a simple Happy Birthday wish on our birth day, we will feel warm, and happy, cause we know that we still have someone who remember us, someone who like us, someone who care for us, someone who we called friend/family.


When we asked this mother what is her children birthday, she needs to refer to the birth certificate for the actual day. Can't blame her for not remembering the children actual birthdate, cause too much of them, and she have to look after their living, study, work, health, wash clothes, etc.


After we know the birthday of the kids, we then went and celebrate birthday with the kids there. 
So my friend, please remember the birthday of your love one, family, kids, or best friend. And if your busy, a simple Happy Birthday text will be more than enough to make them happy for that day. 

Wilson Chin
Happy Birthday to all the May babies :)


Admin said...

Kupuok singai yeh tih gai hahaha...means is this kampung singai in Kakak jiga language ;)

Wilson Chin said...

Rook, yes you are correct ;)
This is the Kampung Singai at Matang.
(wanna reply u in kak jiga language, but dono how.)