Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Different Types of Cruise Holidays

Every cruise operator and liner offers a different experience, whether it's the range of destinations you can visit, the onboard entertainment, the cuisine or the list of facilities. But the variety goes much further than that. Before you've even selected your perfect itinerary or chosen a ship, there are other considerations - such as do you prefer to fly or sail from the UK? How long do you want to travel for? Will you combine your cruise with a land-based stay? And so on.

Cruise holidays follow many different formats and even within the same operator, you'll find a fantastic range of choice.

So what are the main types of cruise holidays?

First off, fly cruise is one of the most popular formats. As the name suggests, you combine your cruise with return flights which means you save time on sailing from the UK, and it allows you to get to your first destination much more quickly. This in turn cuts down the amount of time you're at sea and means you can potentially visit more destinations within the time frame. And because of its popularity, you're likely to find plenty of fly cruise deals too, which helps to make your holiday a little easier on the pocket.

The other option is to sail from the UK. There are various reasons for this - partly it appeals to those who don't want to fly, which opens cruise holidays up to a wider audience. Also it helps to keeps the costs down which makes this style of cruising a little more competitive.

Then there arecruise and stay holidays. For those who want to make the most of their cruise and enjoy an extended holiday experience, this could be the perfect solution. With a cruise and stay, you'll combine your sea-based cruise itinerary with a stay in a land-based hotel. It can take a variety of different formats - for instance, you could have a straightforward week on a cruise followed by a further week in a hotel, staying in your final port of call. Or you could take a Caribbean cruise and, on the last day, fly to New York for a further few days in the city. It's your choice.

Which type of cruise holiday tickles your fancy?

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