Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sunset scenery at Pasir Pandak, Santubong Kuching

Kuching does not have a lot of public beaches in Town, and the one that you can go is called the Pasir Pandak, at Santubong to Kuching road. That day was around 6pm, and when reached, the place was flooded with people.

I still remember that my parents used to bring my younger brother and I to the beach when I'm little, and I really like that feeling. My favorite time of the day is the dusk, where the sun is about to set, the sky turn to a softer warm color. When most of us starts to go home after a day of hardwork, on the way home just enjoy that fine weather, and the breath taking views of the dusk. 

But am kinda disapponted that day, was expecting to have a very beautiful sunset but it was covered by some dark clouds. And this is what I get....oh well, better than nothing ;)

On one of the food stalls, the owner just put his pet cameleon in front. This has created quite a fuss around that place, as people come to take picture with this fella, touch it. Surprisingly this fella just stay there, clam, and eat its veggie.  

The Sunset Hunter...


CaiYun said...

Nice one. Wish I gt the chance to visit

Lisa said...

That is a huge chameleon!? I think that's an iguana, though they're in the same family.. so no matter. :) I love your photos, especially the first one with the kid who got you taking his photo.. quite remarkable. ;)

Wilson Chin said...

Lisa, my bad, its an Iguana... :P

Olivia said...

Nice..Beautiful Pictures...I would love to visit this place.Thanks for sharing.

Rohul said...

Great! I really like to visit this place.Thanks for posting.