Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Melaka Hai Nan Chicken Rice - The Chop Chung Wah Coffee Shop


The scene that I first walk into Jonker street, so many people in a queue. And this is the famous Hai Nan chicken rice ball in Melacca.


This place is very easy to spot, cause its just next to the fountain of the Admiral Cheng He's Ship.


Surprisingly its still hot when I ate it, and each place has 5 balls of chicken rice. Its kinda wired when I tried to eat it, cause normally I will pour the chicken soup on the rice to mix them together, but this one after I pour, it cannot penetrate into the chicken rice balls.


two thumbs up for this one. The shop does not provide any spoon, only chopstick. And I just hold the whole plate and pour the soup into my plate of rice.


Coffee Girl said...

Ive been here! that time Sunday also got a lot of ppl, but we waited a bit and it was worth it. Nice kan? just another unique way of eating rice.

Wilson Chin said...

Ya, I waited a bit too. They should give me spoon too for me to eat the chicken soup. It was really yummy.